Newcomer Darryl Sanborn defeated longtime incumbent school board member Jamie Doubleday by a vote of 108 to 103 in the June 14 election.

Doubleday has requested a recount on the tight vote, which is scheduled to take place 1 p.m., June 15 at the town office.

“That proves every vote counts, doesn’t it?” Sanborn said Tuesday night. “It’s very exciting.”

Sanborn said he will wait to see what will happen in the recount. He said he was surprised by how close the election was, coming down to a matter of five votes. He added that he can understand why Doubleday would want a recount.

If the result is upheld in the recount, Sanborn will serve three years on the RSU 13 Board of Directors.

In the selectmen’s race, voters favored longtime incumbents Lee-Ann Upham and Peter Lammert over newcomer Terry Colson Jr.

Upham received 177 votes and Lammert 153, giving each another three years on the Board of Selectmen. Colson trailed with 58 votes.

In an uncontested race for the one-year seat previously held by Nancy Carter on the Board of Selectmen, Paul Chamberlin was elected with 201 votes.

In an uncontested race to be re-elected as assessor in the town, Lammert received 182 votes.

A total of 219 ballots were cast in Thomaston during the election.