The Camden Public Library will host a monthly Brown Bag Lunch on a series of in-depth financial topics to help individuals plan investments and family budgets. The series is supported by a grant from FINRA, the nation’s financial regulatory agency.

Linda Buckmaster will be making the presentation at the kickoff lunch Friday, June 24 at noon. Buckmaster’s topic will be “Building a Budget,” which she prefers to call a “Spending Plan.” In addition, there will be a special evening presentation of Buckmaster’s “Spending Plan” budgeting concept on Thursday, June 23 at 6:30 p.m. in the second floor meeting room at the library.

“Do you feel like you are being controlled by your money rather than the other way around? Would you like to have a spending and savings plan you can live with? This workshop will introduce you to the basics of building a realistic (and relatively pain-free) budget,” said Buckmaster, in a news release. “You will pick up some tips for reducing your expenses and re-balancing your spending. No matter what your background or earning power, you can take control of your money.”

Buckmaster is the employment and training coordinator at Women, Work, and Community, a non-profit organization that prepares unemployed and under-employed individuals for jobs in a wide range of sectors.

The FINRA grant will enable the library to offer a newsletter on financial planning and related local events, and also to offer free Quicken Premier software to all participants in the Brown Bag Lunch Series. The Brown Bag Lunches will continue through the year on the fourth Friday of the month. The goal of the library is to create a financially literate community and to make online financial tools more accessible to library and community members.