City councilors said they will miss the advice they receive and the conversations they have had for nearly two decades with Brenda Harrington.

Harrington, the city manager’s administrative assistant and general assistance director, will retire next week after 19 years with the city.

Harrington and Judy Hopkins, who retired in April as secretary for the police department after 27 years, were honored Monday evening, June 13 by the Rockland City Council. Both were presented plaques and received praise from the councilors.

“I really loved it when I would call the city manager’s office and Brenda would answer and ask how she could help. That would lead to a conversation and Brenda’s advice was always priceless,” said Councilor Elizabeth Dickerson.

Councilor Eric Hebert said Harrington had done an outstanding job in her dual roles with the city. He joked that she was also instrumental in giving councilors extra big packets of papers each week.

Mayor Brian Harden noted that Harrington came to the city 19 years ago after working at Mid-Coast Mental Health Center.

“It was appropriate that she came from Mid-Coast Mental Health. A lot of what we needed she was able to bring from that job,” Harden joked.

Mayor Harden praised Hopkins, saying she had one of the most important qualities for the job of working with the police department — discretion related to the information that citizens would come in for officers.

Councilor William Clayton said 27 years with the city was incredible. He pointed out that he was 4 years old when Hopkins joined the city.

Councilor Larry Pritchett praised her work and said the city needs to recognize the experience that longtime workers bring to the community.