The Goose River Golf Course continued to be busy in recent days.

On June 8, in Ladies League action, Karen Higgins finished first gross 23 on holes 1-4; Brenda Berry, first gross 23 on holes 5-9 and first gross 47 overall; Faith Vautour, first net 17 on holes 1-4 and first gross 37 overall; and Delisa Morong, first net 16 on holes 5-9. The pin winner was: Berry, 3 feet 6 inches on the eighth hole.

On June 7, in Tuesday Twilight League play, Ian Sady finished first gross 36; Andrew Dailey, second gross 38; and Jamie Boutin, third gross 40. Additionally, Daulton Wickenden finished first net 34; Ewie Greet, second net 34; and Bernie Roberts, third net 35. Pin winners were: Chum Berry, 9-10 on the eighth hole; and Greet, 7-7 on the ninth. Skin winners were: Sady, birdie on the second hole; and Greet, birdie on the ninth. Sady won the super skins.

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