Students in Susan Cook’s second grade math class at St. George School presented a check for $400  to Michael Sirota, development director of the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Sirota accepted the donation from the second graders on June 9, recognizing them and the St. George School as “truly extraordinary.” Sirota honored the second graders by giving them a framed certificate, proclaiming them “Champions of the Red Cross.” All agreed that the $400 should be split evenly between tsunami relief in Japan, continuing earthquake relief in Haiti, tornado relief in Missouri, Alabama and Massachusetts and Maine’s own fire and severe weather relief.

The second graders in Cook’s math class had recently completed a Learning Expedition about “Money in the Real World.” As part of that expedition they created a small school business that was open for one week. This was a school store that they called “The Blue Dragon.” They wrote a business plan and applied for a $250 loan from Principal (Banker) Mary Alice McLean to purchase necessary start up supplies. They did a market survey to determine what items would appeal to the student customers. Root beer floats and home baked whoopie pies and brownies as well as four-foot long plush snakes, hair band sunglasses, and plastic poppers were popular items at the store.

The young entrepreneurs sold the goods, collected money, made root beer floats and later they counted, wrapped, rolled, recorded and deposited all their money. At the end of the week the young business owners had made a profit of $375. In addition, the Parent Teachers Group donated an extra $25 to the cause.