A program on how to reduce the impact of developments on water quality is scheduled for Rockland City Hall at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 16.

The Rockland Code Enforcement Office has scheduled the educational session. LaMarr Cannon, the Maine coordinator of nonpoint education for municipal officials, will present the June 16 program.

The session will point out low-impact development techniques such as porous pavements, rain gardens, and green roofs. Other items to be discussed will be:

• Basic principles of how development affects water quality and impacts town infrastructure (Why can’t we eat the fish and why are culverts blowing out?).

• Planning and site design options that minimize stormwater impacts and protect natural resources (how the land makes clean water).

• New lot-level techniques that reduce runoff volume through infiltration, retention, and evaporation; and finding beneficial uses for water rather than exporting it as a waste product down storm sewers (that newfangled porous pavement and how it holds up in cold climates).

• How other municipalities are incorporating low-impact development regulations to reduce stormwater effects (York’s one-paragraph stormwater ordinance).

• How low-impact development can build resiliency for heavier rainfall events.

For more information visit mainenemo.org.