The two-ball championship and weekly men’s twilight league and women’s play highlight recent action on the Rockland Golf Course.

On June 11-12, Randy Hooper and Jim Raye combined to finish low gross 142 in the club’s two-ball championship. Tom Jacobs and Armand Plourd finished low net 118.

On June 8 in men’s twilight league play, Jamie Boutin and Jason Willis finished tied for first gross 37; Matt Baudanza, first net 31; and Jamie Kitchen, second net 32. Skin winners were: Tyler Bantle on the fourth hole; and Willis on the fifth. The pin winner was: Willis, 1 foot 7.5 inches on the fifth hole.

In June 9 women’s play, in a gross, net and fewest putts format, the results were:

A Flight — Arlene Adams, first gross 90; Heidi Lyman, first net 72; and Sue Wootton, fewest putts with 30.

B Flight — Jan Bradeen, first gross 95; Jeanne Fifield, first net 73; and Bradeen, fewest putts with 26.

C Flight — Diane Bryant, first gross 109; Janice Ogier, first net 78; and Bryant, fewest putts with 31.

The pin winner was: Sandy Davis, 16-0 on the 10th hole. The 50/50 winner was Bryant.

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