When Annie Fagan packs up her belongings and heads out of state to college this fall, she is sure to miss the small town feeling of growing up in the Midcoast.

In the fall, Fagan, who is the Camden Hills Regional High School valedictorian for the class of 2011, will enter Dartmouth College with aspirations of going down the pre-med track.

Fagan is the daughter of Paul and Robin Fagan of Camden.

“I’m really going to miss this community,” she said. “It was such a great place to grow up and I can picture bringing my kids back here. I was really fortunate to go to school here.”

Over the past few weeks many people in the community, some people she doesn’t even know, have had many kind words for her, telling her they have been following her throughout her schooling. And for that she is grateful.

“People support each other here even if they don’t know you,” Fagan said, adding that is probably something that is hard to find elsewhere.

Never one to sit on the sidelines, Fagan has been actively involved in her school community, participating in cross country all four years, track, Nordic Ski Team, Frisbee Team, member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and involved with the Latin Club. In addition, she served as student representative of the Five Town Community School District Board for three years.

Being on the school board was an eye-opening experience, she said.

“You don’t really realize what people are doing for you behind the scenes,” Fagan said of the board.

Fagan said it was a place where she had the opportunity to share her opinions and speak on behalf of the students. She said she was taken seriously.

“It’s definitely something I’ll remember,” she said.

Fagan credits her family, who has always supported and encouraged her, as well as two teachers as influences to her success.

Camden-Rockport Middle School teacher Patricia Friesland taught her to think critically and how to speak in front of people. She also sparked Fagan’s love of reading.

“Mrs. Friesland taught me a lot about what reading and literature has to offer,” she said.

Going along with her interest in biology, high school biology teacher Ken Vencile has been a big influence. Fagan participated in a trip to the Bahamas in the summer of 2010 that was led by Vencile. She said he has taught her to keep a positive attitude and to take on challenges.

One of her favorite teachers is Bill O’Brien, her calculus teacher, who she had for two years.

“I don’t really like calculus all that much, it’s not my favorite, but he has so much passion,” Fagan said. She said O’Brien taught her a lot about life and how to deal with different situations.

Fagan, who had already finished her speech as of June 2, said she plans to talk about her classmates, who she said she’s grown to really appreciate, and to encourage her classmates to take time to think about the community they came from.

“Thank you to everyone for supporting me, I feel really lucky,” she said.