Town selectmen presented Marilyn Athearn with a town report that was dedicated to her late husband, Loren A. Athearn.

The town provided some information about Athearn.

“Loren graduated from Union High School and following his graduation he served his country during the Vietnam War both in Germany and Vietnam. Upon returning from service he joined his father in the vending business and helped turn it into one of the largest in the State of Maine.

“When Loren met his wife in 1971 and married a year later, they moved into a home in Union, where he spent the rest of his life with his wife Marilyn, raising four children and running a variety of businesses. The success of his business ventures was a testament of his hard work ethic on anything he took on.

“Loren was a leader in the business community operating Athearn’s Vending, Four Corner Variety, housing units and various other enterprises. Loren always loved to talk about business to anyone available and could often be found at the corner store with a cup of coffee and several people around him.

“In addition to his business ventures, he loved to garden and work in the yard and he never missed an opportunity to talk about his hunting ventures.

“Loren was always a very compassionate person and often assisted those in need, he often helped make rent payments, purchase tires, etc, all without fanfare or looking for accolades. Loren also served on several Town committees throughout the years and was always available to offer his experience when asked.

“The Town of Union has grown to be a great place to live and work and Loren Athearn was one of the leaders of our community to make that happen.”