Sisters Liefe and Haydee Temple of Rockland will hold their second annual bake sale to benefit Safe Passage on Saturday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of Clean Bee Laundry, 83 Elm St. in Camden.

The sisters, ages 8 and 5, who attend Children’s House Montessori School in Camden are shopping and baking with their grandmother Kathy Moore to create many delicious treats. Anyone wishing to contribute a baked item to the sale is welcome to do so by either signing up at Clean Bee in Camden or by calling 542-0505. All are invited to come to the bake sale to treat themselves or perhaps purchase a treat for a special dad – as Fathers Day is the next day. For a calorie-free treat, limited edition note cards, created by the children of Safe Passage, with the help of local artist Antonia Monroe, will be available for purchase.

Also helping Liefe and Haydee will be Fiona Fischer, a freshman at Camden Hills Regional High School. Fiona has been fundraising for Safe Passage since 2005 and has made three volunteer trips to Guatemala City to work with the children of Safe Passage.

Liefe and Haydee have toured Safe Passage in Guatemala City. Together, with their parents, they sponsor a 7-year-old girl named Yensi.

“We get to help her so that she will have a backpack and get to go on fun field trips,” said Haydee, who is Guatemalan-born, in a news release. The family also contributes any spare change left behind at Clean Bee Laundry to Safe Passage. To date, the spare change effort totals more than $500. “That’s how much money Hanley had when she went to Guatemala and started Safe Passage,” said Liefe.

Safe Passage is a non-profit organization working to help make the dream of education a reality for the children whose families live and work at the Guatemala City garbage dump. Founded in 1999 by Hanley Denning of Yarmouth the program now serves nearly 600 children and their families. These children were accustomed to spending long hours in the dump scavenging for things to sell or eat, but they now have the opportunity to attend school for the first time. Safe Passage provides public school tuition fees, uniforms, and all books and supplies. The children go to school for half the day and then come to the Safe Passage center where they receive help with homework, a nutritious meal, medical and social services, vocational training, and the opportunity to partake in enriching arts, music, and sports programs. More information about Safe Passage is available at