A community post office that has operated out of the Dead River Convenience Store at 849 Commercial St. near Glen Cove is closed during what the U.S. Postal Service refers to as an emergency suspension, according to Postal Service District Communications Coordinator Tom Rizzo. An employee of the store said there were about 150 postal boxes at the store.

Rizzo said June 9 that community post offices are those that are operated by a private contractor on private premises.

“The private contractor terminated their contract and gave us 60 days notice,” he said. “The post office will be examining its options this summer.”

“In the meantime, customers who had post office boxes in that site have the option of erecting a mail box and having street delivery,” said Rizzo. He said those who had valid rental agreements for post office boxes at the Commercial Street location could relocate those agreements to the same box number and zip code at the Rockport Post Office on Union Street.

A third option would be to purchase or rent a post office box elsewhere, he said.

Rizzo said comments would be solicited if the U.S. Postal Service decided to consider discontinuing the Commercial Street community post office, but that such a decision had not yet been made.

“We would only propose discontinuance if we felt we could provide a similar level of service [without that location],” he said.

Rizzo said emergency suspensions were not unusual, either in New England or nationally, and that they usually occurred due to safety issues or because of termination of a contract.

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