A white-tail deer spent four hours in a tanning salon at the Trade Winds Motor Inn Wednesday afternoon, June 8 before being removed by police, game wardens, and a state biologist.

Shortly before 4 p.m., wardens removed the deer from the Trade Winds, placed it in the back of a pickup truck and drove the sedated doe across Park Drive to the Rockland Police Station. The deer was cooled with water from a hose and was then taken to veterinarian Dr. Phillip Caron at the Rockland Animal Hospital.

The deer, estimated at about 90 pounds, suffered superficial cuts and was given a shot of penicillin before it was taken to Achorn Cemetery in Rockland and released.

The deer entered the salon by going through open doors at the inn around noon June 8. The deer had been on the deck of the Landings Restaurant and ran across the street and across the parking lot to the open door.

Rockland police said the deer was initially acting wild but then calmed. The door to the salon was closed. Rockland Police Chief Bruce Boucher, Deputy Chief Wallace Tower and Sgt. Don Finnegan were posted outside the door.

About an hour later, game wardens arrived to assist Rockland police. The biologist arrived before 3 p.m. Game wardens Joe Lefebvre and Justin Fowlie were at the scene.