Thomas Marx is no stranger to School Union 69, which consists of Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville schools.

He served as an interim superintendent in 1998-1999 and also served as the SAD 28 superintendent when Hope and Appleton were part of the district.

Marx has been hired as the new superintendent to replace Judith Harvey, who is retiring. He begins the job July 1. He will work Mondays through Wednesdays with an extra 12 days during busier times, such as budget season.

For the last 10 years, Marx has served as superintendent on North Haven, a job he said he has truly enjoyed. During his tenure in Camden, Hope and Appleton schools split from the Camden school district and decided to go out on their own, he said.

After moving on from Camden, he served as an interim superintendent in Searsport, was superintendent on Monhegan for five years and also had a stint working for Camden Drug, delivering medications to people in Knox and Waldo counties.

β€œIt’s a great three towns. I’ve worked with them for years and am going to pick up where they are now and move forward,” Marx said of School Union 69. He said the district has great principals and great teachers and he plans to build on the strengths the schools have.

β€œI’m excited,” he said.

Marx resides in Liberty.