The Lincoln County Fish and Game together with the Medomak Valley Land Trust hosted their 4th Annual Hooked on Fishing Day on May 20 at the Waldoboro Quarry. Each year has been a success and this year was no exception. The weather held out, there was evenĀ  a touch of sun; the bugs were biting, but they could have been worse, but most importantly the kids were having a grand time catching the stocked fish.

With many new-comers, no accidents and kids leaving with their limit of trout made the event a great success. It was wonderful to hear parents/grandparents say “I didn’t even know this place existed.” We encourage parents to return with their kids to enjoy the quarry throughout the year. The club would like to add as a reminder that the quarry is youth fishing only and anyone over the age of 16 found fishing by a Game Warden could be liable for a summons.

For more information on the club please contact Becky Morrell at or 832-5524.