The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and unless you really enjoy walking it’s time to settle up with the Camden Police Department.

Listen up, drivers who have failed to pay outstanding parking tickets: Camden police are getting ready to lock the boot around offending tires.

The boot is actually a “vehicle disabling device,” but its simpler moniker has stuck. It follows the Denver Boot, so named after the original manufacturer of wheel immobilization devices and their debut in that Colorado city. It has become a popular law enforcement device, stopping parking ticket scofflaws from making new tracks and forcing them to make good on parking fines before the device is removed.

Camden has had one since 2002, and is bringing it out once again. According to town ordinance, there are legal requirements involved before the device can be used, including the provision that written notice must be sent to the registered owner. The monetary amount listed does not include the $25 administrative fee for processing a “booted” vehicle.

Last week, Camden police submitted the following list of car owners who are now eligible for the disabling device. They hope that the drivers will pay off their tickets so that the boot can go back into the closet.

H. Allen Pottle, Belfast – $126

David Berez, Camden – $87

Jonie Laite, Camden – $70

Melinda Moran, Camden – $125

Ryan Quigley, Camden – $161

Sandra Townsend, Camden – $69

Thomas Dickins, Lincolnville – $74

Shirley Allen, Norway – $309

Lois Anne, Rockland – $73

David and Cheryl Daniello, Rockland – $94

Lucas Gray, Rockland – $83

Amanda Nolan, Rockland – $101

Christopher and Mary Nolan, Rockland – $252

Shannon Clark, Searsport – $61

Chelsea Bronder, Southwest Harbor – $75

David Dailey, South Thomaston – $70

For further information contact Officer Jeff Sukeforth or administrative assistant Jodi Russell at 236-7953.