The Senate approved a bill June 3 to require two-thirds majority votes in the Legislature before a state tax hike could be imposed.

The Senate voted 20-14 to support a resolve asking for an amendment to the state Constitution.

Currently, a majority vote and gubernatorial signature can increase state taxes.

All three local Republican state senators supported the resolve — Sens. Christopher Rector of Thomaston, A. David Trahan of Waldoboro, and Michael Thibodeau of Winterport.

Sen. Jon Courtney, R-Springvale, is the sponsor of the bill. Rep. Wes Richardson, R-Warren, is one of 18 co-sponsors of the legislation.

The Legislature’s Taxation Committee supported the measure.

If the bill is approved, a statewide referendum would be needed for the state Constitution to be amended.

The House has yet to vote on the proposal.