Coastal Quilters will meet Saturday, June 11 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Lions’ Club on Lion’s Lane, Camden. This month’s program features a “Show and Tell and Ask” theme, “Finish Winter, Welcome Spring” with folks encouraged to bring unfinished or problem fabric arts projects for commiseration/help to finish or just bring something one is currently doing.

Any fabric artisan, at any level of expertise, beginner or expert, knows all about those “UFO’s” and we’re not talking “flying” objects! UFO’s/Unfinished Objects are part and parcel of stashes held by anyone who’s ever picked up a needle and thread or knitting needles or a myriad of other fabric arts equipment. It can range from the very beginning — that fabric that would make the greatest quilt, to the yarn that would be perfect for a sweater for Aunt Nell, to every level of incompletion to just needing to sew the pieces together.

Perhaps one forgot about it, or decided one didn’t like it, or got mad at Aunt Nell, or ran into something one just didn’t understand, or found something more exciting or interesting or just haven’t had time or energy to finally finish the darn thing. At this meeting, not only will one find experts willing to talk through any problems, one will find enthusiasm about a project to remind one why they started it in the first place. And if worse comes to worse, and one really no longer wants to deal with a particular project, maybe someone else would love to take it on! No problem is to big or small to be dealt with. No problems? Come anyway with whatever project and enjoy the camaraderie.

Refreshments and a short business meeting follow the morning’s activities. Free and open to the public, all welcome. For more information, call Karen Martin, 236-8038 or Sarah Smith, 236-6003.