Gould Street in Camden is officially green, thanks to the efforts of Suzannah Gray who received assurances from every homeowner that they do not use toxic lawn care products.

Gray, a sixth-grader, is one of a group of middle school students who is spreading the word that even common chemical lawn products are dangerous to people and pets. Gould Street is now painted green on a map in the town office window and on the website of the group Citizens for a Green Camden.

The middle school offshoot of this group is Kids for a Greener Camden. When a homeowner pledges to only use safe lawn care products, their property is painted green on the map and the goal is for the map to be entirely green (and blue, for its many waterways). When this happens, the town will be lawn pesticide-free, and safer for people and pets.

For alternatives to toxic lawn care products, to track the group’s progress or paint one’s property green on the map or to learn more about this project, visit citizensforagreencamden.org.