Fire and emergency medical personnel responded to a structure fire at Al & Di’s Auto in Washington the afternoon of Monday, June 6.

The garage is located west of Route 220. Traffic on Route 17 was rerouted at Route 220 to the east and Calderwood Road to the west.

Damage was extensive on the exterior of the building, but at 3 p.m. the fire appeared to be contained.

According to Washington Fire Chief Tom Johnston, fluids were being drained from a car that was being prepared for scrap, when some of the fluids spilled. Johnston said he was not sure what sparked the fire. An attempt was made to stop the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Fire and emergency medical crews from Washington, Union, Jefferson, Somerville and Liberty responded to the call. The Waldoboro Fire Department covered the Union Fire Station during the incident.

Neighbor Don Grinnell provided water from a dry hydrant — a pipe fed into a pond with an attachment on the end that a fire truck can hook its hose to. The truck can provide the pump to extract water from the pond into the truck, and then wherever it needs to go. Dry hydrants are common in small, rural departments that don’t have access to town water.

Two dogs belonging to the owners died in the fire.

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