A search through the archives unearthed the following.

One year ago, 2010

Boynton McKay in Camden was honored for tastiest breakfast in state. The blueberry pancakes won the restaurant the honor.

Northeast Patients Group filed an application to establish a marijuana dispensary. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will select eight dispensaries in the state, one from each of eight public health districts created by the state.  Knox County is part of District 4, which covers Knox, Waldo, Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles to save money with move to Rockland. The state paid $16.20 per square foot at the bureau’s site in Thomaston. Under the proposed new lease in Rockland, the state would pay $13.75 per square foot in the first three years.

10 years ago, 2001

Town goes cop-less July 1. At town meeting residents in Lincolnville defeated a measure to fund approximately $46,000 for a full-time police chief position.

At a special meeting the Camden Select Board approved an order designating the Apollo Tanning plant on Washington Street as a dangerous building. Apollo Tanning filed bankruptcy Dec. 14, 2000; it ceased operations in April 1999.

The Portland-based Libra Foundation awarded a $50,00 grant to the Penobscot Bay YMCA toward construction of a warm water therapeutic pool at the YMCA’s new facility in Rockport. The warm water therapeutic pool, the first in the region, will be available for use by  people receiving physical and occupational therapy from Northeast Health.

25 years ago, 1986

The Knox County chapter of Business and Professional Women was presented with the brass bell award and a certificate at the state convention for leading the state in club membership. The chapter was recognized as being the most dynamic and fastest growing of the 27 chapters throughout the state of Maine.

Rae’s Butcher Shop, one quarty mile from Lincolnville Beach on Route 173, had fresh caught haddock fillet $2.69 lb.

David and Jane Rohrbach, of Robesonia, Pa., were departing from Camden Harbor aboard the Mercantile for a three-day cruise that they signed up for through an ad they saw in Down East magazine.

50 years ago, 1961

Knox Mill installs new machine. The Knox Woolen Company mill completed the installation of a 30-ton needle weaving machine. This mechanical giant, the second of its kind in America, operates over 10,000 needles and will be controlled by four men in the manufacturing of custom tailored bands of felt used by paper manufacturers in the processing of paper.

Maine’s two-year old boating law calls for reports fro owners or operators after certain accidents and also when a numbered boat is sold.

In the Verse or Worse column eight-year-old Christy Cokinis submitted the following:



In Winter I have lots of fun,

I go out every day.

Even though it’s hard to run,

It’s always fun to play.


In Spring everything will grow,

The ice melts away.

Away goes frost and snow,

It’s warmer to play.


In Summer everybody swims,

I have lots of fun.

I climb trees and break limbs,

And sometimes I run.


In Autumn the leaves fall.

They change their colors, too

I couldn’t even count them all

None of them turn blue.


100 years ago, 1911

A. F. Achorn and Dan Sobel have returned from New York. They rode through with S. Hausen in his automobile. Dan says that in spite of the dire predictions of friends they are safe and sound and no accidents.

At Rockland, Thorndike & Hix are to begin work soon on a new building, 40 x 150 feet, for use in their fish curing and packing business. it will adjoin their present buildings on their wharf at Crockett’s wharf. Work has been started on an enlargement of the wharf.

From the Union column: A heavy thunder shower accompanied by hail passed over Union. This was the last of a series of electrical showers which had continued for more than a week, there being several each day. Considerable damage was done to gardens and fruit.