The following is text of the Democratic radio address:

“Good morning, I’m Rep. Emily Cain of Orono, the House Democratic leader.

As lawmakers in Augusta head into the final week of work, Democrats on the Appropriations Committee are working hard to find compromise on the budget.

We’ve offered numerous compromise proposals to ensure that Maine continues to invest in our schools, protect our most vulnerable, support our public workers, and target tax relief to working families who need it most.

As I read this address today, the Appropriations committee continues its work to find bipartisan compromise on a budget we can all support. Democrats, Republicans and the governor.

While the budget is one place Democrats and Republicans must find common ground, there have been many other issues this session where the differences between us have been stark.

Just this week, House and Senate Republicans agreed with the governor’s decision to side with big insurance companies over small Maine businesses. In fact, Republican lawmakers upheld the governor’s veto of a bill that they originally supported unanimously.

The bill would have stopped big insurance companies from taking advantage of smaller medical practices, like physical therapists, in Maine. The practice is currently banned in 14 other states, and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is under federal investigation for doing it.

In fact, the only opponent of the measure was Anthem.

The Republican flip-flop was a surprise to Democrats.

Just like we saw with their reckless, rushed and now infamous insurance overhaul, the governor and the Republicans ignored the doctors. They ignored the patients. And they ignored the experts. And they ignored the best interests of the people of Maine.

They took their marching orders from the insurance industry.

We also saw Republican lawmakers and the governor launch an attack on public workers in an eleventh hour public hearing on a measure that would undermine the ability of workers to negotiate their working conditions, pay, and benefits fairly.

Democrats value our teachers, nurses, firefighters, snowplow drivers, and other public employees who care about the work they do and the people they serve.

We believe any policy to undermine their work is wrong.

Even more telling, on the same day Republicans voted against raising the minimum wage by a quarter for working Maine people, they voted for an estate tax giveaway to the wealthy.

Who do they represent?

Republican lawmakers supported significantly increasing the amount of money individuals and certain political groups can give to a candidate running for governor. This concentrates more power in the hands of a few.

The measure will undermine our Clean Elections system, which holds politicians accountable to more Maine people. Maine people overwhelmingly passed a citizen initiative for a Clean Elections system that supports small donations from more people.

Democrats support the will of the voters.

Finally, the governor and the Republican lawmakers have pushed forward a plan that will dismantle the body that protects the Maine woods from over-development. Democrats know that is bad for the economy and our environment.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans in Augusta is clear.

Democrats put Maine consumers first. We put working people first. We put the voters first. And we always will.

Thank you for listening.  I’m Rep. Emily Cain of Orono.  Have a wonderful day.”