Regional School Unit 13 Superintendent Judy Lucarelli will go a second consecutive year without a pay raise.

The board voted 10-3 to approve terms of the superintendent’s contract for the next two years. Board members Steven Dyer and Sharon Spaulding of Rockland, and Josiah Wilson of St. George voted against the contract terms.

Board Chairwoman Jamie Doubleday noted that the board requested the superintendent not take an increase in recognition of the district’s difficult financial time.

Lucarelli’s pay will remain at $113,744 for 2011-2012. In 2012-13, she will receive a 1 percent raise to bring her salary to $114,881.

Lucarelli began as School Administrative District 5’s superintendent in July 2008 and then was hired to become RSU 13’s first superintendent starting in July 2009.

The contract also calls for the district to pay 100 percent of her health insurance and 75 percent of the additional costs of dependent coverage. She is entitled to 20 vacation days as well as holidays.