Christine Alberi and Dawn Smith-Cote are facing off for a three-year term on the Hope School Committee.

The seat is currently held by Kristi Bagnall, who is not seeking re-election.

Voting will take place Tuesday, June 14. Polls will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The annual town meeting will be held Monday, June 20.

Christine Alberi

Alberi said Hope Elementary School is a great school and she wants that to continue.

She has lived in Hope for 10 years and has three children. Her son Ben is in kindergarten at the Hope school and she also has twin daughters, Madelyine and Rose, who will begin in two years.

“Hope Elementary School is such a great school. I’d like to be a part of that and hope it continues to be as good as it is,” she said.

Alberi is a lawyer and serves as a guardian ad litem, which has given her the opportunity to learn how various schools and their special education operates. Between college and law school, Alberi worked on boats.

Alberi said she enjoys both the school’s library and French programs and hopes to see them continue. The children go to the library once a week.

“Seems like the school in general does a good job promoting literacy,” she said.

The school also begins teaching French in kindergarten. She said her son will often speak to her in French and jokes that he sometimes uses words she doesn’t know.

“The principal is fantastic,” Alberi said of Carol Hathorne. She said she can tell that people really enjoy working at the school and Hathorne gives the school a good feeling. Alberi said there will be some concern when Hathorne decides to retire.

Dawn Smith-Cote

Smith-Cote said if she is elected to the Hope School Committee, she will represent the many voices of the community.

She said she decided to run for the board because she is a resident, a concerned citizen and a parent. Her daughter Jordan is in third grade at the Hope school. She also ran for the board last year. Smith-Cote said she feels it’s important to be involved with the school.

“Education is our future, our children are our future,” she said.

She is the executive director of the Maine Association of Health Underwriters. She coordinates and facilitates continuing education credits for association members. It’s a job that allows Smith-Cote to work from home on a part-time basis and so she has the time to dedicate to the school.

She is an active volunteer at the Hope school, including reading to students, and serving as a member of Building Hope’s Future, the campaign to build a new science lab, on the garden committee and a few others.

Smith-Cote said she also admires and supports Hathorne and would like to think that she will be there for the duration of her daughter’s elementary school education. She said Hathorne is the type of leader that works collaboratively with teachers so everyone is heard.

She said she does not have an agenda and, if elected, will work to the best of her ability to advocate for teachers.