The Central Lincoln County YMCA gymnastics team took its 10 qualifying gymnasts to compete May 14-15 in the New England Regional Gymnastics Championships at the Alfond Youth Center YMCA.

Nearly 1,000 gymnasts from the top qualifying YMCAs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maine and New Hampshire competed in the four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, plus all-around for the combination of all those events.

CLC team members who attended the New Englands were: Catherine Roy, Whitney Dow, Kylie Farnham, Alison York, Madeline York, Katherine Colomb, Emma Hall, Macallister Moss, Emily Kelsey and Gracie Moore.

“I’m so proud of this team. The girls competed against the top girls in their age groups from big YMCA’s, with judges from all-around New England and against top gymnasts from seven states and they did it with grace and skill,” said coach Janice Cormier-Hay, who leads the CLC squad with Betsy Lee.

CLC had two gymnasts climb the podium to receive trophies for the all-around excellence: Dow of Waldoboro, who placed seventh; and Moss of Bristol, who placed fifth. As a team, the Level 5 gymnasts placed 15 among 29 teams.

Additional Individual highlights for the CLC gymnasts were: Kelsey, Level 4, second on vault; Dow, Level 5, third on bars; and Madeline York, Level 5, fourth on vault.

The individual results for CLC gymnasts were:

Level 6 age 12 — Roy finished 9.0 on vault (tied for 6th), 8.05 on bars (18th), 8.8 on beam (5th), 8.65 on floor (tied for 12th) and 34.5 all-around (12th).

Level 5 ages 12A and older —  Dow finished 7.8 on vault (tied for 14th), 9.025 on bars (3rd), 9.05 on beam (5th), 8.65 on floor (7th) and 34.525 all-around (7th).

Level 5 ages 10A and older — Collomb finished 8.0 on vault (tied for 11th), 8.275 on bars (10th), 7.6 on beam (13th), 8.25 on floor (11th) and 32.125 all-around (13th).

Level 5 ages 10B and younger  — M. York finished 8.6 on vault (tied for 4th), 8.325 on bars (8th), 8.25 on beam (tie for 14th), 8.225 on floor (10th) and 33.4 all-around (10th).

A. York finished 8.3 on vault (7th), 7.5 on bars (12th), 7.6 on beam (15th), 7.5 on floor (tied for 13th) and 30.9 all-around (17th).

Level 5 age 9 — Moss finished 8.35 on vault (9th), 8.325 on bars (10th), 8.575 on beam (9th), 8.775 on floor (5th) and 34.025 all-around (5th).

Hall finished 8.2 on vault (tied for 12th), 8.025 on bars (15th), 7.8 on beam (16th), 8.5 on floor (10th) and 32.525 all-around (19th).

Level 4 ages 12 and older — Farnham finished 8.75 on vault, 8.475 on bars, 9.1 on beam (10th), 8.575 on floor and 34.9 all-around.

Level 4 age 8 — Kelsey finished 9.2 on vault (2nd), 8.325 on bars, 8.525 on beam, 8.2 on floor and 34.25 all-around.

Level 4 age 7 — Moore finished 8.65 on vault (6th), 8.25 on bars, 8.325 on beam, 8.75 on floor (6th) and 33.975 all-around

The gymnasts will be in action at the CLC YMCA gymnastics exhibition Monday and Tuesday, June 20- 21.

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