Two new faces will join the Hope Board of Selectmen following the June town meeting. Hope voters will choose between three candidates for two open seats.

Selectmen Barbara Bentley and Mike Ames did not seek re-election.

Hoping to fill their seats are Wendy Pelletier, Jason Hall and Lewis Merrifield. The terms for both seats are three years. Voting will take place Tuesday, June 14. Polls will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The annual town meeting will be held Monday, June 20.

Four people are running for three three-year terms on the Budget Committee. They are current members Terry Miller and Jean Ettlinger as well as Janice Campbell and Mark Dierckes.

John Monroe is running for road commissioner. Current commissioner Alex Ludwig had taken out, but did not return, nomination papers. The term is for three years.

Dawn Smith-Cote and Christine Alberi are both seeking a three-year term on the Hope Elementary School board. Kristi Bagnall, who currently holds the post, did not seek re-election.

Wendy Pelletier

Wendy Pelletier said she has always paid attention to town affairs, but it never crossed her mind to get involved until recently. She said the day before nomination papers were due she was asked to run. She said in 24 hours she had taken out, circulated and returned the papers.

Pelletier, who has lived in Hope for 10 years, and before that in Camden, has six children and is expecting her 14th grandchild in July. She is fortunate, she said, to have all of her children live within a half hour of her. Pelletier is running for them, she said.

Pelletier was defeated at the polls in 2010, when she sought a seat in the House of Representatives against Rep. Andy O’Brien of Lincolnville.

“Losing in the race was a blessing,” she said. “It was an impetus to sit back and wait.”

She said the same types of things going on at the state level also occur at the town level, something she never realized until she started becoming informed about town politics. She is particularly interested in land use issues.

“Hope is growing, it’s developing. It’s freeing up regulations to allow them [property owners] to make decisions at the basic, family and taxpayer level,” she said.

Pelletier said the trend is for a real change, but she wants to be sure that as a town Hope doesn’t go too far. Changing too much will change the ability to keep Hope the way it is, she said. Currently, she said the town is looking for a consultant to help go over ordinances to be sure they are consistent with each other and she feels that she could offer a good perspective.

“Less regulation is what more people in small towns are hoping for,” she said.

Another issue she would like to see resolved is the division of Hope and South Hope. She would like to help see that both communities get together on the same page.

Pelletier has worked for the last 14 years as an manicurist at Elegant Nails in Camden.

Jason Hall

Jason Hall said he feels it’s his civic duty to serve on the town board. He decided to run for the seat after he learned only one person (at the time) had taken out nomination papers for the two available seats.

Hall said he hates to see it filled in by a write-in vote and said somebody needs to do the job.

Hall said he has no agenda and is not looking to change anything in town, but said someone needs to step up to the job. Like anyone, he said, he doesn’t want to see his taxes go up and doesn’t want to see the town change.

Hall and his wife, Brooke, have lived in Hope for about 10 years. His wife grew up in town. The couple have two young daughters, Natalie, 2, and Luciana, 4. He is a sergeant at the Camden Police Department, and has worked for the agency for 15 years.

“It’s a great little town. We love it and don’t see ourselves going anywhere. I don’t want to see it change,” he said.

Lewis Merrifield

Merrifield declined an interview. In the past, he has served on the town’s Budget Committee and Hope School Committee, and served as selectman in the 1980s.