You lay on your stomach, your hands touching the cold side of the pillow.

Out the window you see in the mind’s eye that you are walking on a

rickety dirt trail

that leads to the ocean.

It’s a moonless night; you look up and see a star

make a wish and hope and believe it will come true.

Down the ledge, still walking down the shingled trail,

a stream of water trickles down rocks.

The more you walk, the starless it gets; you get to the end of the trail and

there’s a seemingly endless staircase.

Down a few steps, the ravishing ocean view.

The staircase ends.

You sit on a rock by the ocean, look across and see the delightful

view of the the island lights. You take off your shoes and socks, put your

feet in the sea water,

frigid but you don’t mind

You walk until the water touches the bottom of your pants.

You decide to disrobe, putting your clothing on a rock.

You stand naked

enjoying the view,

bone-chilling; you ignore that feeling and focus on the ocean.

You put your hands in the water and scoop it up.

Holding the water in your hands for a few seconds then let it go on your

naked body. You walk out deeper into the ocean to your knees

repeatedly dumping the cool water on your body.

You walk out to your chest and go under.

Still, laying on your stomach you snap out of your trance,

pull your hands out of the cold side of the pillow.

You walk outside

into the cool gloomy night

stroll to a nearby trail

continuing on

fulfillng your self deception.



This poem reflects Caroline’s ability to understand the depth of the human experience and her connection she has to the natural world.  Her writing has both depth and accessibility.

Instructor Nate Larlee