As the soldiers dig through the rubbish surrounded by water

there seems to be no hope for who ever

No one to be found, not a single survivor

The land is missing from all the water

and there is nothing scarier.

Equipped with metal scrap found from the scene

is the number one tool,

there is nothing else to use as they peer through

all the metal, rubber, and sheet rock.

Cars upside down and under water

houses on the other side ’bout to tip over

buildings as well but standing stronger.

Dressed in military clothes all in camo

with goggles and helmets

very protected, but for this one day, they seem helpless.



This poem was written in response to images we looked at during the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear  emergency.  Everett chose an image from a newspaper photo gallery and he created this poem from detailed notes he took, a process which lends to the imagery a lot of visual and sensory elements.  While at the Community School, Everett has shown considerable talent as a writer and rapper, and he enjoys creating metaphors and pictures with language.

Instructor Carrie Braman