The years go by, my heart matures… but still I am a fool

Foolish thoughts and hopes cloud my mind with images and experiences I’ll never have… even though my heart wants others, my heart wants you more then it will ever have… he keeps you away, tells you I’m horrible, and will destroy your soul just to keep you….  Although what I offer you is love pure in every way, I know I’ll make mistakes, I’ve made many before and I know my mistakes make it hard for you to trust me… My anger invades my body more and more each day… The beast will rise eventually…. I’m scared to find out what the beast will do with freedom…. I would truly be encased in despair and anger with not a care in the world of what happens to me…. It would destroy the power of my sanity and release my soul…. My emotions hurt me more then any words ever have…. I need you here beside me to make the darkness…. bright!

Author’s comment: “This song was about a girl I dated and I haven’t stop loving her since we broke up. This just popped into my head one day. It was the last song I’ve written since 2009.”

” ‘Fish’ is a junior at the Zenith Program who enjoys composing song lyrics in his own time.”

Instructor Nate Larlee