My pattern represents the overlapping pieces of my life, how everything is connected and is ultimately fused into a greater reality. The perfectly symmetrical balance of the design shows that I’m a Virgo. It also illustrates the balance and organization that I strive to create for myself.



I had two goals with the pattern workshop. The first was to get the students to understand that when working in pattern, the possibilities are infinite. I wanted to encourage the idea of art as experimentation. Second, I wanted to remove the stigma of ‘not knowing how to draw’ by offering the students an alternative material (stickers) to use in instead of a pencil. The medium was both direct and immediate. They had 10 minutes to make a piece and they each made four pieces. Ayla, in particular, had the most scientific method to creating her patterns. She really embraced the idea of experimentation by further narrowing her focus to only the circular stickers. In doing so, her patterns were concise, but also alluring and organic.”

— Pattern Workshop instructor, Kate Russo