Richard Worner said May 20 that he and his wife, Sessa Salas, decided to re-open Zaddik’s Pizza in Camden because they missed the family-friendly atmosphere.

“When we go out to eat as a family we wish we could go to a place like Zaddik’s,” he said. “We also felt like we had learned a lot about pizza and that we were making pizza unlike anyone else in the area.”

“And we missed the pizza,” said Worner.

Last summer the couple worked at The Edge Restaurant in Lincolnville.

“[The Edge] is a great place to work, but there is something special about making the decisions and working for yourself,” said Worner.

On Tuesday, May 24, Valerie Clemons and James Weatherby of Spruce Head were enjoying a chicken and cheese pizza at the newly re-opened restaurant.

“We loved it,” Weatherby said. Clemons agreed.

“This crust is wonderful,” she said.

Salas said Zaddik’s makes the crust in their kitchen at 20 Washington St. in Camden, and that it makes the pizza there different from that served in other Midcoast restaurants.

She said there were not many places that catered to families with young children, and that Zaddik’s was filling an important niche.

New on the menu are antipasto and Cobb salads. A hummus plate offers another healthy alternative, Salas said. Gluten-free pizza is also available and the chicken soup pays homage to Salas’ father and grandmother.

The restaurant also sports a new logo, designed by Chris Van Dusen, showing a large slice of pizza filling the bed of a classic pickup truck.

“The theme we’re shooting for is fun,” said Salas.

Zaddik’s Pizza, at 20 Washington St. in Camden, is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner, starting at 5 p.m. Salas said hours would be expanded in July. The restaurant offers dine-in and take-out service, and makes deliveries within a three-mile radius.

For more information or to order, call 236-7437.

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