A roofer accidentally shot himself in the knee with a framing gun Wednesday afternoon, May 25, leaving him incapacitated 40 feet up on the roof of a Chestnut Street home.

At about 4:45 p.m. Kiel Gauthier, 21, of Thomaston was attaching a 2-by-6 board to a rafter when he accidentally bumped the roofing gun against his knee, he said from his hospital room at Penobscot Bay Medical Center May 26.

The gun fired and sent a 2.5-inch nail into his knee. However, Gauthier said, as a positive, the nail went through a joint, but did not hit any bone or cartilage, making the damage minimal. Surgeons removed the nail and on the morning of May 26, he said he was doing OK and should be back to work within a month.

Camden First Aid responded to the scene, along with the town’s fire department, which extended a truck ladder to enable rescue crews to reach Gauthier on top of the building. There, a rescue crew stabilized, and then lowered him down to a waiting ambulance.