Despite being bogged down with recent rain, which postponed many matches, the high school tennis regular season is about to conclude, with several local squads playing a bundle of recent matches.

A recap of those matches follows:


Camden Hills 5, Belfast 0 … At Belfast Tuesday, a win placed the Windjammers one victory from an unbeaten regular season.

The individual results, with Windjammer players listed first, were: In singles, Evan Drinkwater beat Carson Beck, 10-5; John Vannorsdall beat Jimmy Nealey, 10-1; and Isaac Hirschfeld bested Tyler Martin, 10-0.

In doubles, Tyler Coleman and Devin Gordon beat Wes Sterrs and Taylor Peabody, 10-6; and Sam Predham and Henry Owens defeated Nathan Howard and Clint Fraser, 10-6.

Camden Hills (11-0, 132.9167 points) is second in the Maine Principals’ Association Heal Point Standings for Eastern Class B. Ellsworth (11-0, 135.0694 points) is first in the 14-team region.

Georges Valley 3, Lisbon 2 … At the Maine Pines Courts in Brunswick Tuesday, the Bucs secured a close decision over the Greyhounds of Lisbon Falls, a victory that may push Georges Valley into the regional playoffs.

The individual results, with Buc players listed first, were: In singles, Gordon Armstrong lost to Taylor Wrede, 9-11; Charlie Baker lost to Evan Keating, 5-10; and Cy McGeady beat Zach Turner, 10-6.

In doubles, Luke Rector and Tyler Gilson beat Tim Dobson and Levi Dussault, 10-8; and Wesley Bryant and Sam Crockett beat Aaron French and Roger Jama, 10-6.

Buc coach Kathryn Armstrong said McGeady played his best match against Turner, an opponent he lost to previously, 0-6, 3-6.

“This was a huge victory for the team, as we lost to Lisbon last match, and the scores of this match will most likely carry us into the playoffs,” the coach said.

Georges Valley (5-6, 31.5278 points) is ninth in Western Class, while Winthrop (9-0, 107.9861 points) is first in the 13-team region. At this point, the Bucs are the odd-team out of the playoffs, sitting in ninth, while Madison (6-6, 32.2222 points) fills the eighth and final postseason spot, just 0.6944 of a point ahead of Georges Valley.

However, if the Bucs defeat high-ranking Hall-Dale of Farmingdale Wednesday, May 25 in a regular season-ending home match, that should be more than enough to propel the Bucs into the playoffs.

Maranacook 5, Medomak Valley 0 … At Kents Hill May 16, the individual results, with Panther players listed first, were: In singles, Nick Young lost to Sean Daigle, 0-8; Zack Judkins lost to his opponent, whose name was unavailable, 5-8; and Cal Robbins lost to Matt Surette, 3-8.

In doubles, Conor Dahlberg and Zack Wallace lost to Paul Joslyn and Sam Bryant, 2-8; and Max Hinkley and Cooper Dahlberg lost to Alec Daigle and Kelby Mace, 2-8.

Medomak Valley (0-12, no points) is 14th (last) in Eastern Class B, while Ellsworth (11-0, 135.0694 points) is first in the 14-team region.


Maranacook 3, Medomak Valley 2 … The individual results, with Panther players listed first, were: In singles, Kelly Leidneroth lost to Adrienne Nel, 3-6, 3-6; Haley Turner lost to Sarah Adams 0-6, 1-6; Mallory Robbins lost to Brittnay Guerrette, 0-6, 2-6.

In doubles, Kaye Peabody and Isabelle Lobley beat Julia Varney and Olivia Swimm, 6-2, 6-1; and Ariele Rancourt and Baily Black beat Amy Bley and Meddie Chiappetta, 6-3, 6-2.

Camden Hills 5, Medomak Valley 0 … On Monday on the indoor courts at the Midcoast Recreation Center in Rockport, the individual results, with Panther players listed first, were: In singles, Leidneroth lost to Abby Blakeley, 2-8; Turner lost to Camilla Walker, 2-8; and Mallory Robbins lost to Sophie Salas, 6-8.

In doubles, Peabody and Isabelle Lobley lost to Christine Forcillo and Kayla Hart, 4-8; and Rancourt and Black lost to Erika Alex and Vanessa Bemis, 2-8.

Medomak Valley (2-8, 3.2639 points) is 13th in Eastern Class B, while Camden Hills (12-0, 144.2361 points) is first in the 15-team region.

Rockland 5, Winslow 0 … On May 17 at Rockland, the Tigers, who have had a standout final season, bested the Black Raiders.

The individual results, with Rockland players listed first, were: Allison Ward beat Maddie Daily, 6-4, 6-4; Natasha Seavey beat Jess McMaslin, 6-2, 6-2; and Taylor Stevens beat Brennah O’Connell, 6-2, 6-1.

In doubles, Phoebe Ferraiolo and Chelsea Hawksley beat Jill Dupuis and Alicia Higgins, 6-3, 6-3; Ciera Bedard and Vieno Carter beat Allison Woodside and Abbi Lute, 6-0, 6-3.

In exhibition matches, Tina Payson and Cat Grotton beat Karlee Price and Abby Roy, 8-0; and Kara Weiske and Ciera Bedard beat their opponents (names unavailable), 8-2.

“Overall, it was a really great game for us,” said Tiger coach Nick Blais. “Overall, all of my girls played great. We were able to win all of our individual matches, which is a great feeling. We definitely made some mistakes and didn’t always play as aggressive as we could have, but I was very pleased with the outcome.

“Natasha Seavey actually played some great tennis today. She had a bum knee, almost didn’t play due to the injury, but toughed it out and ended up playing some of the best tennis I’ve seen her play all year. It really was a great afternoon.”

Rockland (6-4, 42.1528 points) is sixth in Eastern Class B, while Camden Hills (12-0, 144.2361 points) is first in the 15-team region. The Tigers have solidified a solid playoff spot, at this point.

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