All local legislators were in agreement May 19 to approve a bill that would make it illegal to text while driving.

The Maine House voted 129-13 to approve LD 736. The Legislature’s Transportation Committee had recommended approval of the bill sponsored by state Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham. Rep. Edward Mazurek, D-Rockland, was one of the 10 co-sponsors of the bill.

The Senate approved the bill April 14 with no roll call vote.

The fine for a violation would be not less than $100 per offense.

The bill defines text messaging as reading or manually composing or sending text messages, instant messages and e-mails, and using a portable electronic device.

The bill does not cover the use of global positioning or navigation systems.

Rep. Mazurek said the bill was necessary.

“It’s been strongly proven that texting is a distraction that leads to accidents,” Mazurek said.

He said accidents are far more likely to occur when a person takes his or her eyes off the road for more than two seconds.