Camden-Rockport Elementary School students who performed in the “Race to Talonburg,” an original play created by fourth-grader Rebecca Cox, last month at the Camden Congregational Church presented a check to a local food pantry from the proceeds.

The cast chose to donate the money brought in from the film, a total of $662.60 to the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry in Rockland.

The cast consisted of Mary Mcquarters, Rebecca Cox, Ashlee  McIntosh, Henry Chamberlin, Austin Charkowick, Emily Tassi, Tatum Dowd, Jesse Bifulco, Xiara Cox, Hope Bifulco and Lauren Rothwell.

Pastor Jerry LiaBraaten, AIO board member and Judy Terrio, food pantry director, spoke to the children May 16 about how the food pantry works and how the money they raised could be used to help people pay their electrical or water bills or to purchase oil, pay rent or to get food.