The Maine House and Senate refused along party lines this week to support an update of a study on the feasibility of a single-payer health care system.

The House voted 76-70 on May 18 to kill LD 57, which would have updated a feasibility study done in 2002. The cost would have been $60,000 and would have been paid for by a federal grant. The Senate followed suit on May 19 by a 19-16 vote.

All three Republican state senators from the Midcoast — Sens. Christopher Rector of Thomaston, A. David Trahan of Waldoboro, and Michael Thibodeau of Winterport — voted to kill the legislation.

Locally, Republican Reps. Wes Richardson of Warren, Dana Dow of Waldoboro, Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea, and Jonathan McKane of Newcastle voted against the bill.

Democratic Reps. Edward Mazurek of Rockland, Chuck Kruger of Thomaston, Joan Welsh of Rockport, Andrew O’Brien of Lincolnville, and Walter Kumiega III of Deer Isle voted to keep LD 57 alive.

A majority of the Legislature’s Insurance and Financial Affairs Committee, chaired by Richardson, recommended the bill be defeated.