For years now, I have been walking towards you along my own path.

Every step that I have taken has led me that much closer to you.

Two years ago our eyes met for the very first time.

It was a sunny, spring day with crispness in the air that brings

new found energy after a long winter’s nap

And the promise of new love gleaming in the air.


Yours was a face I hadn’t seen before.

Were you new to our small town?

Where were you from, I wondered to myself?

As I took a second glance over my shoulder after you passed by,

I noticed a sadness in your face and your stride.

You weren’t ready for me then.

What happened to you?  You are so guarded.

One year later, we finally met

Fate has a way of bringing two hearts together.

From that very first day, I felt that we would spend the rest of our lives together.

I felt that special magnetic attraction that one finds when your soul mate comes into your life.

We were both at the right place at the right time

Even though you didn’t know it then.

I certainly did.

As the months went by, I felt it even stronger.

You started to feel it, but ran the other way each time those feelings came to you.

Each time you had a glimpse of the happiness we could share.

I fought for my place in your heart.

Each time I came towards you, you pulled away,

Each time I pulled away, you came towards me.

The dance of the hearts.

I so desperately want to tell you that I love you,

But I did that once and the only thing you could say was,

“I know. You show me every day.”

You are still not ready for me.

I won’t say it again until you say it to me.

You are the love of my life

The light in my soul .

You are my secret heart.


E.B. Summerlin is a writer who lives in the Midcoast.