Rockport Select Board member Thomas Farley spoke to the point at a May 9 meeting, when he said that plans for the former Rockport Elementary School site would be best served by supporting Maine Media Workshops efforts to determine the feasibility of developing the campus.

We recognize that nothing can happen there until specific questions are answered.

Farley was right to note that voters should have the opportunity to make the final decision as to who will occupy the site and whether the property will be sold, leased or retained by the town. That town-wide vote has been part of the plan all along, and citizens who have said repeatedly that a majority of citizens are against a sale will have their chance to prove that assertion, once a proposal is placed on a ballot.

Board members Tracy Murphy and Alexandra Fogel were equally correct when they said it was time for the Select Board to take responsibility for the future of the high-profile site. That is what they were elected to do.

In a representative democracy, citizens’ primary responsibility is to be informed. Armed with an understanding of the issues and of candidates’ positions, voters elect Select Board members, legislators, congressional representatives and chief executives to make decisions that are too cumbersome to be enacted by large numbers of citizens.

Rockport residents need to step back and give their Select Board and its appointed negotiating team a chance to iron out some of the wrinkles that lie in the path of smooth progress toward the future of the RES site. Those with specific concerns should feel welcome to express them, but they should not simply repeat their opposition in an effort to obstruct an action that is yet to be proposed.

Once they have a clear proposal before them, voters will be asked to register their decision. Between now and then, all Rockport citizens should work to become informed about the alternatives. When it is time to show up at the polls, we hope they will vote in force, forming a final consensus on the future of RES East.