The Maine Legislature will not see shorter sessions.

The House voted 99-51 on May 11 to kill LD 973 that would have shortened both sessions of the two-year legislative terms.

Under the bill the first year of the terms would end on April 15 rather than the current end date of the third Wednesday of June — which is June 15 this year. In the second year of the term, the session would end March 15 rather than the current third Wednesday of April.

The Legislature’s State and Local Government Committee had recommended that the bill be killed.

Local legislators were divided on the bill.

Voting in support of the measure were Republican Reps. Dana Dow of Waldoboro, Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea, and Jonathan McKane of Newcastle.

Voting to kill the bill were Reps. Edward Mazurek, D-Rockland, Chuck Kruger, D-Thomaston, Joan Welsh, D-Rockport, Wes Richardson, R-Warren, Andrew O’Brien, D-Lincolnville, and Walter Kumiega III, D-Deer Isle.

Richardson said he opposed the bill because he could not see how the Legislature could get all its work done in less time. He noted that this session, legislative hearings are suppose to be completed by next week but that new bills are still being printed.

LD 973 would also have cut the pay of legislators by 30 percent. Legislators are paid about $22,000 for the combined two years of their terms — nearly $13,000 for the first year and more than $9,000 for the second year.

The Senate has yet to vote on the bill.