The Central Lincoln County YMCA gymnastics team, under the direction of coaches Janice Cormier-Hay and Betsey Lee, competed — and excelled — against the nine other Maine YMCA teams April 30-May 1 at the state championships at Mountain Valley High School.

After receiving the team sportsmanship award, CLC gymnasts excelled in the meet with all-around individual state championship performances from Whitney Dow and MacAllister Moss. Individual event state champions were won by Kristen Cavanaugh on uneven parallel bars and the floor exercise and Emma Hall on the balance beam.

CLC earned the top spot for Level 5 gymnasts — a first for the organization. “This team has made me so proud this year,” Cormier-Hay said. “The hard work they have put in and support they have shown for each other is truly inspiring and the results were recognized at states.”

Of 12 team members able to compete, CLC gymnasts took two first place all-around finishes for their ages and divisions and nine times CLC gymnasts were named individual event state champs.

The state results for CLC gymnasts were:

Level Advanced Prep Op Senior — Cavanaugh finished 8.45 on vault (2nd), 8.35 on bars (1st), 6.0 on beam (4th), 8.0 on floor (1st) and 30.8 all-around (2nd).

Level 6 — Catherine Roy finished 8.5 on vault (4th), 6.1 on bars (5th), 8.4 on beam (3rd), 8.25 on floor (5th) and 31.25 all-around (5th).

Level 5 — Dow finished 8.5 on vault (4th), 9.2 on bars (1st), 9.1 on beam (1st), 9.425 on floor (1st) and 36.225 all-around (1st). Dow is the state champion for Level 5 gymnasts ages 12-13.

Kathryn Colomb finished 8.2 on vault (tie for 7th), 8.8 on bars (tie for 2nd ), 8.0 on beam (8th), 8.45 on floor and 33.45 all-around (5th) at Level 5 for those age 10.

MacAllister Moss finished 9.25 on vault (1st), 9.0 on bars (1st), 9.275 on beam (2nd), 9.5 on floor (1st) and 37.025 (1st) all-around. Moss is the state champion for Level 5 gymnasts ages 8-9.

Hall finished 8.8 on vault (4th), 8.65 on bars (3rd), 9.4 on beam (1st), 9.35 on floor (2nd) and 36.2 (2nd) all-around.

Madeline York finished 8.45 on vault (6th), 8.7 on bars (2nd), 8.25 on beam (7th), 8.45 on floor (8th) and 33.85 (7th) at Level 5 for those ages 8-9.

Alison York finished 8.3 on vault (8th), 8.1 on bars (7th), 8.7 on beam (4th), 8.0 on floor (9th) and 33.1 all-around (8th) at Level 5 for those ages 8-9.

Level 4 — Kylie Farnham finished 8.875 on vault (3rd), 9.1 on bars (tied for 2nd ), 9.0 on beam (5th), 9.0 on floor (4th) and 35.125 all-around (3rd) for those age 12.

Rose Hickey finished 8.85 on vault (tied for 5th), 7.6 on bars (9th), 8.55 on beam (9th), 8.15 on floor (9th) and 33.15 all-around (9th) for those age 10.

Madison Bradbury finished 8.55 on vault (tied for 8th), 7.3 on bars (8th), 7.6 on beam (11th), 8.2 on floor (7th) and 31.65 all-around (10th) for Level 4 for those age 8.

Gracie Moore finished 8.95 on vault (4th), 8.3 on bars (6th), 8.5 on beam (4th), 9.025 on floor (2nd) and 34.775 all-around (3rd) for Level 4 for those ages 7-8.

After the gymnastics competition season, consisting of 10 meets and culminating with the state meet, 10 of the 14 team members have received qualifying scores earning them the chance to compete in the New England regional meet  Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15 in Waterville, where 1,000 athletes from YMCAs in seven northern states. Past regional meets have been held in New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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