John D. Young Jr. said he is very excited to be offering rides to customers in his white Cadillac.

The former truck driver opened Thomaston Taxi in the garage behind Watts Hall May 1. He said he will be offering rides and doing delivery runs and car detailing work in his small, family business.

“This is a lot better ride than any truck I’ve been in,” he said May 5.

He said for the most part that his business is a one-man show. He is receiving some help with the workload from family members.

The taxi company covers both sides of the river including Thomaston, Cushing, St. George and Warren, he said. He said he will also provide rides for clammers and fishermen to and from St. George, and will provide rides to the boat to Monhegan in Port Clyde.

Among the services, he said he plans to deliver groceries from Thomaston Grocery.

He said he can also help by providing rides to people who do not have licenses, getting them to and from their jobs.

“We need to build up the economy and get people to work,” he said.

Young is from Rockland originally and lives in Rockport now. He said he has worked as a truck driver locally most of his life.

He has been putting in long hours, working from early in the morning until late at night.

“I’ve been all over this place and haven’t heard a negative thing yet,” he said. “They’re all happy to see me.”

For more information, call 701-6611.