A 67-year-old Rockland man was sentenced May 6 to 30 months in prison for attempting to set fire to the Brunswick Rooms.

Frederick G. Mank was sentenced in Knox County Superior Court to six years with all but 30 months suspended and placed on probation for three years for attempted arson.

According to police reports at the time of his arrest Oct. 5, Mank was upset because he was being evicted from the boarding house. He told other residents that he would burn down the building if he was evicted, according to police.

At about 9 p.m. that night, a resident of the rooming house detected the strong odor of some type of flammable liquid. The resident went outside and found Mank outside with a gasoline can, splashing the liquid on the north wall of the building.

The fire alarm was sounded and the building was evacuated. Rockland police and Rockland firefighters responded to the scene.

The rooming house, located at 204 Main St., has 31 rooms and about 15 rooms were occupied at the time.