The Waldoboro Planning Board will hold a public hearing Wednesday, May 11 at 7 p.m. at the town office to hear comments and answer questions on proposed ordinances to regulate methadone clinics and marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

The planning board has been working on the regulations since townspeople voted in January for a moratorium on those operations.

Residents would have to vote to approve the ordinances before the new rules go into effect. Following the public hearing, the planning board could make changes to the draft ordinances or send them to the Board of Selectmen, which could hold another hearing and schedule them for a vote.

On April 13, the planning board voted unanimously to endorse the proposed ordinances.

The proposed methadone clinic ordinance would restrict clinics to the Route 1 Commercial A District, which covers the edges of town along Route 1, and does not include the central area around the town office. For security, licensed methadone clinics must have door and window intrusion alarms with audible and police-notification components, according to the ordinance.

Clinics would have to provide four parking spots per 1,000 square feet plus three spaces per dispensing room. Inside seating in waiting areas must be available for scheduled patients at all times, according to the ordinance. “Waiting or queuing of patients outside of the clinic building will not be tolerated,” the proposed ordinance says.

A marijuana dispensary must have four parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of facility. Dispensaries and cultivation facilities are also only allowed in the Route 1 Commercial A District, according to the ordinance. The ordinance would allow only one cultivation facility and one dispensary in Waldoboro.

Alarms are also required, as well as video surveillance for both dispensaries and cultivation facilities. Video surveillance would be required 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a cultivation facility. Surveillance for a dispensary, at a minimum, would be required when the facility is closed.

The ordinance states that “All activities of registered dispensaries and/or cultivation facilities, including, without limitation, cultivating, growing, processing, displaying, selling and storage shall be conducted indoors and shall not be visible from outside.”

For a full copy of the proposed ordinances, go to