Lyle Cramer and Doris Vertz are vying for a two-year term on the Union Board of Selectmen.

The seat is presently held by Jonathan Powers.

Nomination papers were due at the town office by May 2.

Incumbent Elmer L. Savage is running unopposed for another three-year term on the board.

Linda McAllister has returned nomination papers to run for another one-year term as the town’s treasurer.

Two school board seats are also up for election this year. Norman Theberge and Gail Hawes have returned nomination papers to run for one seat.

Erik Amundsen took out nomination papers for another school board seat, but did not return them. With no one on the ballot for the seat, the election may rely on write-in candidates.

Vertz said in a letter to the editor that she supports conservative values including smaller government, lower energy costs, reduced spending, reform of welfare and fiscal responsibility.

She said she attends Tea Party meetings and is a Republican.

She has lived in Union for more than six years. She is retired now, but has worked in both acute care and long-term care settings as a registered nurse and administrator.

Vertz said she is a political newcomer.

Cramer said he grew up in Union and has always been interested in politics.

He served for six years as a city council member in Westbrook and later served as chairman of the Cumberland County Commissioners.

Cramer also worked for 32 years as a guidance counselor.

Cramer said he is enrolled as a Republican, but said he has experience working well with Democrats from having served on the city council in Westbrook.

He has been to a couple Tea Party meetings and he said he subscribes to many of the goals of the Tea Party, but said he would not characterize himself as a member of the Tea Party.

The annual town meeting will be held 7 p.m., June 20 at the town office. The municipal election will be held 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., June 14, at the town office.