Lines were long at times Tuesday morning, May 3 at the Rockland dump as city residents were required to purchase new, higher-priced dump stickers.

And one resident went to the council to express his displeasure.

The cost of a new dump sticker is $65. There is an alternative of opting to pay per bag if someone disposes of little trash.

Dump stickers expire in May. On Tuesday morning, staff at the solid waste facility were informing people driving in of the need to get the new stickers. The price had been $10 for stickers.

The new $65 sticker would cover multiple vehicles per household. Residents would need to bring their other vehicles to the dump with their receipt to get stickers for each of their vehicles.

At the Monday evening, May 2 council meeting, one resident criticized the council for its decision last year to increase the dump stickers from $10 to $65.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” said Richard Steeves.

He said there are a lot of people who have little extra money and that people on Social Security cannot afford such increases.

He apologized to the staff at the solid waste facility for giving them a hard time when he was informed of the cost of stickers. He said the blame is solely on the city council.

Solid Waste Director David St. Laurent said he has not heard any criticism of staff since the new permits began being issued on a large scale starting last week. The city has been charging $65 for new stickers since August for new residents.

He noted one thing that people should remember is that the fees and the per-ton cost charged to haulers fall slightly short of paying the full cost of operating the facility. He said someone noted that if a homeowner were to keep all their trash for a year on their property and then hire someone to dispose of it all, $65 would not seem like a lot of money.

For those single-family residents who want the option of per bags, the cost is 50 cents for a 10-gallon bag, $1 for a 22-gallon bag, and $1.50 for a 30-gallon bag. Businesses must obtain a business sticker to either pay a per-bag fee or to pay per ton.