Georges Valley High School recognized current and former staff members who have contributed to the school over its 48 years.

The high school building will become Oceanside High School West starting in September, serving students in grades eight and nine from the six communities of Regional School Unit 13.

On April 28, current long-time staff and many retirees were recognized for their service with a dinner and awards ceremony held in the GVHS gymnasium.

Those honored included the late Phil Marcoux and Joan Magrogan.

Others honored were Sam Pendleton, Thomas Block, John Cooke, Frank Leary, Woody Verge, Clarence Leonard, Ross Holt, Gail Chicone, Stanley Sawyer, Shelia Montgomery, Nate King, Dwight Henry, Bob Strong, Mary Harjula, Janice Miller, Daryl Townsend, Betsy Berry, Paul Luttrell, Sonja Surek, Ben Vail, Judy Weeks, Mariellen Eaton, Marcia Steenstra, Susan Johnson, Bob Watts, Rusty Worcester, Becky Leonard, Amanda Walker, Ed Hastings, Joanne Parker, Hank Carey, Mary June Smith, Sharold Bowman, Jack Carpenter, Sherri Hosford, Peggy Weeks, Beverly Randall, Sigrid Keyes, Jim O’Neil, and Richard Johnson.