A baby seal was found by a patron of the Landings Restaurant Tuesday afternoon, April 26 on the rocks. The tide was low and the patron thought that by moving the pup she was doing a good deed.

Jeannette Knowlton, owner of the Landings, was told by the patron about the pup and she went down to take a look. The pup was moved again into the water but pulled itself back out.

Knowlton and I called the Department of Marine Resources and they sent some people down to check on the pup to see if it was injured. It had a small scratch on its head and still had the umbilical cord attached to its belly.

We were told that it is common this time of the year for mother seals to “hide” their newborn for a day or so and go get food. The mother will come back and get her pup. The problem with this pup was that it was moved and many came to see the pup on the beach. The mother, if watching, places her safety first ahead of her pup, and could possibility not come back to get it.

Also, because of the known pup on the beach, Linda from the Marine Stranded Division of the Department of Marine Resources told the helpers, over the phone, that it was best to move the pup. Where to, I don’t know but the helpers were going to meet someone in Wiscasset.

It was quite an afternoon for the little one. The pup would follow the person closest, pulling itself along the sand and rocks trying to get close to the person. It was so hard not to pick up the shivering little pup and cuddle.

It is best that if you ever find stranded marine life on the beach to leave it alone.

The parent will usually come back for the baby. If it is injured, call the Department of Marine Resources.

Knowing that the pup is safe, well that’s the end of a good day!