The owner of the property where the Turning Tide methadone clinic was located has applied to the city for a zone change that would once again allow such an activity.

Ann Tuttle filed an application with the city that requests that her property at 166 New County Road be rezoned to allow for sole source pharmacies. Methadone clinics are considered sole source pharmacies.

The application comes less than two months after the city council unanimously concluded that terms of the contract zone that the council approved in January 2006 had been violated by Turning Tide. That ruling resulted in the automatic reversion of the property from the contract zone, which allowed the clinic, to its former Transitional Business and Commercial 1 zones, which do not allow such clinics.

City Attorney Kevin Beal said he is developing a proposed conditional zone for the Tuttle property. He expects that the council will formally consider the zone change request at its May meeting.

Turning Tide has been closed since Aug. 19 when the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration closed it, citing an imminent threat to the health and safety of the public. That closure followed the arrest of its owner, Angel Fuller-McMahan, for a drug possession charge and a similar charge against a counselor with the agency.

Both later pleaded to misdemeanor charges.

At the March 2 hearing in which the council voted to find Turning Tide in violation of the zone conditions, Fuller-McMahan’s attorney said she was prepared to go back to federal court to force the city to allow a methadone clinic to operate at the site. Turning Tide filed a federal discrimination lawsuit in 2005 against Rockland that was settled when the council approved the contract zone.

Turning Tide has hoped to sell the clinic to The Discovery House, which operates methadone clinics in Maine and outside the state.