Absentee ballots are available at the Camden Town Office for those wishing to vote early in a May 10 special election to decide whether the former Apollo Tannery site will be sold to B. D’Turman’d Entertainment LLC.

Polls will be open Tuesday, May 10 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Washington Street Conference Room.

The text of the ballot question is as follows:

“To see if the Town will vote to ratify and approve a First Amended Purchase & Sale Agreement dated March 23, 2011 by and between the Town of Camden and B. D’Turman’d Entertainment, LLC, to authorize the sale of a portion of the former ‘Apollo Tannery’ real property described in deeds recorded in book 3148 Pages 278 and 280 of the Knox County Registry of Deeds, currently owned by the Town of Camden, for the purchase price of One Dollar ($1.00), subject to certain performance requirements regarding the wages/benefits and number of employees to be employed, subject to evidence of sufficient financing and subject to permit approvals to the Town’s satisfaction, for a state of the art film production studio, all as more particularly described in a First Amended Purchase and Sale Agreement dated March 23, 2011.

The ballot also includes the following information:

“Note: The potential sale excludes the ‘Trail Corridor’ property which is the subject of a Declaration of Trust held by Coastal Mountains Land Trust as recorded in Book 4093 Page 81 of the Knox County Registry of Deeds—the Town of Camden shall remain the owner of the underlying interest in the Trail Corridor.  A copy of the March 23, 2011 First Amended Purchase and Sale Agreement is on file with the Town Clerk’s office and is available for inspection during business hours.”

For more information, call the Camden Town Office at 236-3353.

The Herald Gazette can be reached at 207-236-8511 or by e-mail at news@villagesoup.com.



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