In the end it was the flip of a coin that decided between the two candidates tied for seat one on the Warren Sanitary District Board of Directors.

Shortly before the beginning of the annual town meeting, Town Clerk Leanne Robicheau asked the two candidates to call it and tossed a quarter in the air.

Robert E. Carter Jr. and Jay M. Sawyer had tied the day before with 96 votes each in the March 28 election.

To save the town the cost of having a special election to re-vote on the seat, they decided to meet before the town meeting at the Warren Community School to flip a coin to decide it.

Sawyer was the winner after calling “tails.”

Sawyer said some people had asked him to run for the seat. He said he believes the board is doing a tremendous job as evidenced by the fact that he has not seen a sewer rate increase in recent years. He said he hopes he can do as well as the previous board has done.

He noted that he wanted to run in part because he is interested getting involved in public service.

Sawyer has lived in Warren since 1975. He is self-employed, the owner of Stemwinder Sculpture Works, where he creates metal sculptures and does welding and repair work.

He said his degree is in marine engineering from Maine Maritime Academy.

He said he and his opponent felt that the town already has enough issues bringing people out to meetings without it having to have a special election to break this tie.

Robicheau said previously the town would have had to hold a special runoff election to re-vote on the position, if the two candidates couldn’t come to an agreement. In that situation, the two candidates would have seven days for either of them to withdraw from the race. If a new election had been held on this one position, it would have required 45 days of notice to allow for absentee voting.

Robicheau said she contacted Maine Municipal Association to see whether it could be decided by a coin toss or drawing straws, and that is allowed as long as the losing candidate signs a statement of withdrawal. She said they could even have chosen to decide by “rock-paper-scissors.”

The seat on the sanitary district board was previously held by Robert Graham. Graham said he didn’t seek re-election because he had served long enough on the board. “It’s time for someone else,” he said.

Despite losing the coin toss, Carter was soon elected to another board at the town meeting. He was among five residents elected to the town’s budget committee.

Carter, who works at Camden National Bank, noted he is retiring this year and had some time to devote to serving on a board. He said he has lived in Warren for 31 years.

Also elected was Margret Grant, Ike Johnson, Roger Peabody and Brad Beverage.

Edward Courtenay and James Doyle were elected as fish wardens at the town meeting.