A public meeting will be held at the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area on Tuesday, March 29 to review progress on the RMRA Redevelopment Project.

While the March 29 meeting will be open to the public, Ragged Mountain Recreation Area Redevelopment Committee co-Chairman Rick Knowlton said the primary purpose of the gathering was to “invite professionals, other architects, engineers, contractors, folks with experience in project development and design and construction that would be willing to take a couple of hours out of their busy days and sit in a professional forum.”

He said the purpose of the design forum was to provide input to Stephen Blatt Architects as it moves forward in producing a new plan for the lodge at the Camden Snow Bowl. He said the committee invited professionals who commented on Blatt’s first design.

“This is just one step in coming up with revisions to the lodge design,” said Knowlton. He said a new design would be created that would take into consideration budget constraints the committee is faced with in fitting the lodge into the larger redevelopment project.

“There will be opportunities for review and critique of the design the building committee comes up with as they move forward,” he said.

“We understand that lots of people couldn’t come to this [daytime meeting],” said Knowlton. “In reality it wasn’t designed to be a large audience, free-for-all discussion about the lodge at the snow bowl.” He said minutes would be taken and posted on the snow bowl’s website at camdensnowbowl.com/redevelopment

In light of the information gathered and the decisions made in the initial design effort for a new lodge, the design workshop will review the parameters for the building portion of this project. Following the March 29 meeting, the building committee and Stephen Blatt Architects will restart the process of creating a building plan that will meet the construction and operating cost budgetary goals, an earlier press release said.

The Tuesday, March 29 meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. and is scheduled to run until 5 p.m. at the Camden Snow Bowl.